Common Hearing Myths

Hearing loss can be a confusing topic, and there are a number of myths that people commonly believe. We've aimed to simplify the process by explaining the truth behind a few of these misconceptions.

Hand holding CIC hearing aid

Myth: Wearing a hearing device will make me look old.

Fact: Gone are the days of bulky, ugly hearing aids. Hearing devices are now designed to be much more sleek and stylish. The devices are also so small that they are hardly noticeable. For example, completely-in-the-canal hearing devices fit directly in the ear canal and are practically invisible.

Myth: All hearing aids are the same.

Fact: All hearing devices serve the same main purpose: to provide an improved hearing experience. To say they are all the same is a huge overstatement. Hearing devices come in a range of different styles meant to fit the patient’s needs. They also come equipped with a variety of features such as speech clarity, tinnitus masking, and smartphone compatibility. We will review all the device options with you and help find the one that best suits you.

Variety of hearing aid styles

Camping with hearing loss

Myth: Once I put on a hearing aid, that is the best I will ever hear.

Fact: Taking control of your hearing loss can be a multi-step process. Being fitted with devices is just one part of the journey. Your ears will take time to adapt to the increased stimulation. It will take time for your brain to recognize speech patterns. Once you become accustomed to your hearing devices you will find yourself enjoying a higher quality of hearing and overall happiness.

Myth: Mild hearing loss is not a problem.

Fact: Any hearing difficulty should be taken seriously. Hearing devices are meant to treat all ranges of hearing loss. If you believe you have any form of hearing loss, you should seek the opinion of a hearing professional. Contact our office to schedule your hearing evaluation.

Helpful Tips

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It takes time to adjust to new hearing devices, and it can take weeks before you get completely used to them.

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