Styles of Hearing Technology at Advanced Hearing Aids

We understand that our patients lead a range of lifestyles, which is why we carry a variety of hearing device styles.

CIC hearing aid

Completely-In-The-Canal (CIC):
A device that sits in the canal and is barely visible

ITC hearing aid

In-The-Canal (ITC):
It is similar to CIC, but it doesn’t rest as deep in the ear canal

BTE hearing aid

Behind-The-Ear (BTE):
A device that hooks around the ear and rests behind it

Open Fit hearing aid

Open Fit:
Similar to the BTE, but contains a small tube that inserts into the ear

ITE hearing aid

In-The-Ear (ITE):
The most common style that rests just outside the canal

Oticon Dynamo repair

Hearing Aid Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repair

To get the most out your hearing device, we recommend that you schedule routine cleanings and maintenance. Our team will service your device to ensure it is in complete working order.

If something happens to be malfunctioning in your device, we will gladly repair it for you.

Additionally, our EarQ devices come backed with the Secure 4-Year Warranty, the longest warranty in the industry! This guarantees that any general service or manufacturer repairs will be covered at no cost to you while the hearing aid is under warranty.

EarQ Secure Warranty

Brands of Hearing Aid Technology

Advanced Hearing Aids services all makes and models of hearing aids. Primarily, we work with the following manufacturers:

Hearing Aid Video Gallery

To help familiarize yourself with today's hearing aid technology, we are happy to share a few videos from our manufacturers:

The Oticon OpnTM Brain HearingTM Technology Starkey Muse and Halo 2 Widex Unique
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